Clarity is convincing.

You know how all companies seem to market themselves using the same words? "Results-driven, solution-oriented, whizz-banging blah, blah, blah..."
What I do is help engineers, lawyers, architects and other professionals figure out what really makes them unique and how to say it with a clear, human voice.  
As a result, their marketing materials — websites, brochures, proposals and presentations — cut through the clutter and stand out from the competition.

Verve Communications is a boutique consultancy dedicated to helping professionals communicate clearly and convincingly with their target audiences.

Verve helps build your brand, your revenue and your in-house capacity to deliver a coherent, compelling message.

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From Now On, We'll Call This A Cucumber
July 31, 2020

Back in May, when I asked my faithful readers for input on future topics, my friend Eric was quick to reply. From Essex, England, where he lives and works, Eric wrote:

I've always been curious about etymology. Where do words come from? Who creates them and how do they become common parlance? Who first looked at a cucumber and said, from now on, we'll call this a “cucumber"?

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